English Tutor in Yishun Primary 5 English Tuition

Yishun Primary 5 Pri5 P5 English Tuition in small groups of 3 pax. Yishun Primary English Lessons for Primary 1-6 following latest MOE SEAB syllabus with Teacher Yuet Ling. She’s the owner of eduKate and been training students to attain an A1 in school for the last decade. Call and meet us at 664 Yishun Avenue 4.

We have been teaching for the last 18 years, and still, we constantly strive to improve the way we teach by incorporating the latest trends, hardware and syllabus requirements into our classes. Give us a call to find out more.

Yishun English Tuition Classes in Small Groups Sec 1 2 3 4 5 GCE N levels GCE O levels. Yishun English Tuition with latest MOE syllabus lessons, also for IP and IB programme. Primary and Secondary English tutor for Yishun works on both Paper 1 and Paper 2 components of the PSLE and GCE O levels papers. Our Yishun English tutors also cater to the IB and IP programmes, give us a call to find out more.

Yishun English Tuition with Yuet Ling helping PSLE and GCE O levels Yishun English students to improve their ability to communicate and improve their linguistic competence in both the passive reading/listening and active speaking/writing process of the English Language.

Our Yishun English tuition helps students to garner the language abilities to communicate effectively. 

Call Yuet Ling to find out more +65 88231234

Punggol Tutor Yuet Ling in London UK. London Bridge
Punggol Math Tutor Big Almaty Lake, Kazakhstan
Punggol Tutor in front of Emirates Stadium, Arsenal F.C, London UK
Punggol Tutor Yuet Ling London UK.
Punggol Tutor Yuet Ling in Cambridge University, UK
Tutor Yuet Ling, Cambridge University, UK.
Punggol Tutor Yuet Ling in front of Old Trafford, Manchester United’s Stadium, UK
Tutor Yuet Ling, in London, UK.
Year 8 IGCSE Math Tutorials with Bukit Timah Tutor
Tutor Yuet Ling with Primary Students and our Semester 2017 T Shirts.
Tutor Yuet Ling with Semester 2 2017 Edukate Punggol Tuition T shirts
Guiding students in a creative writing tuition making sure they have a strong definitive ending, rounding up their composition.
Our tutors in class with students from Secondary schools
Our Tutors goes through all the work done by students, and we teach from scratch, sticking to the MOE syllabus and making sure we teach from basics to advanced level, so that students attain the mastery needed to do well in school.
Our classes are small group and the work done are all geared towards understanding and performing well
We make sure all students are taught properly, understand their classes and does their work with the proper steps and thought processes.
In our Singapore Tuition Centre for English, all our student’s work are marked and checked to make sure their work are done correctly.
Our tutors in class with students from Secondary schools

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