Yishun Add Maths Tuition Centre Sec 4

Sec 3 and Sec 4 Additional Mathematics Tutorials

Call +65 88231234 Yishun Tutor for Sec 3 Sec 4 Add Math Tuition. A Maths Tuition Additional Maths Tutorial classes for Sec 3 and Sec 4 SEAB GCE O level’s Additional Mathematics Syllabus 4047.

A Maths Tuition for Yishun. Maths Tutor Small groups of 3 pax Yishun, Singapore. Teaching from scratch and involving our students to become a highly knowledgeable in Mathematics themselves, our Yishun Maths tutors impart their expert knowledge during their coaching in a small group setting. Small group Yishun Maths tuition for Singapore. Small group Maths Tuition Centre for Primary and Secondary.

Yishun Maths Tuition Centre for Secondary Schools. Sec 1 2 3 4 5 Small Groups Maths Tutor. Join us! Our Sec Maths Tuition with Teacher Yuet Ling and NIE trained Teachers conducting small group tuition using the latest Singapore Maths syllabus Primary and Secondary in our Maths classes. Yishun Add Maths Tuition in Small Group format of 3 pax. Singapore Primary Maths Tuition Centre with top experienced local tutors that helps you to learn and understand the requirements to do well in school. Primary Pri 3 4 5 6 PSLE Maths Tuition at Yishun.

Full time tutor of 18 years experience

All classes comply with current 2017/18 syllabus taught in a small group format capped at 3 pax (max) by full time tutor with 18 years  experience.

Classes are split into four semesters which includes coursework for Paper 1 and Paper 2 Additional Mathematics.

Coursework Timeline for Additional Mathematics 

Package 1 Secondary 3 Semester 1 (coursework up till month of May Sec 3)

  • Simultaneous Equations | 1 hour
  • Polynomials, Remainder and Factor Theorem | 2 hours
  • Cubic Expressions and Equations | 2 hours
  • Quadratic Equations, Inequalities and Modulus Functions | 4 hours
  • Indices, Surds and Logarithm | 3 hours
  • Binomial Theorem | 3 hours
  • Preparatory and revision work for MY Examinations P1 and P2

Total lessons: 16 (nominal)

Package 2 Secondary 3 Semester 2 (coursework up till month of Oct Sec 3)

  • Coordinate Geometry | 3 hours
  • Linear Law | 3 hours
  • Trigonometric Functions and Equations | 3 hours
  • Trigonometric Identities and Formulae | 4.5 hours
  • Proofs in Plane Geometry | 3 hours
  • Preparatory and revision work for EOY examinations P1 and P2

Total lessons: 15 (nominal)

Package 3 Secondary 4 Semester 1 (coursework up till month of May Sec 3)

  • Calculus-Introduction to Infinity | 3 hours
  • Further Differentiation and Applications | 6 hours
  • Differentiation of Trigo, Log and Exp Functions | 4.5 hours
  • Integration and its Application | 6 hours
  • Preparatory and revision work for MYE examinations P1 and P2

Total lessons: 14 (nominal)

Package 4 Secondary 4 Semester 2 ( coursework up till GCE O levels Sec 4)

  • Kinematics- Applications of differentiation in Kinematics | 3 hours
  • Kinematics- Applications of integration in Kinematics | 3 hours
  • Preparatory and revision work for GCE O levels P1 and P2 Syll. 4047
  • Additional contact time for revision when required

Total lessons 16 (nominal)

For class schedules, kindly contact us at +65 82226327

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